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Arma2: Why we love it !

This article is about the creative part of Arma2 and what players can expect when entering the Arma2 scene.
By cri74
2011-04-26 16:28:36

Battle.no: We gathered some of the community most prominent supporters, because the players of the game are maybe the the most important element of Arma 2 gaming. As a player there are so many ways you can enjoy this game, so many ways you can contribute and so many ways to have a good time with close friends or connect to communities around the world. Maybe this is the reason why the game is so good and why we keep coming back for more. We wish to give the spotlight to the players and the community of Arma2, its like no other and the drive and energy behind the game. Creating, hosting and developing free content for all players of Arma2, this is a article about some of the people that make it work. First video is the winner of "Community Awards 2010" for best video - remember to push HD for all videos in this article

This site is by fans of the game and a winner of "Community Awards 2010", it supplies ArmA2 players with everything from missions to complete reworks of the game. At Armaholic you will find the tools for editing, new sounds and missions you can download for personal or clanbase action. Everything is made by players of ArmA. FoxHound from Armaholic is here to tell us about Armaholic and what its all about.

What is Armaholic ?
Armaholic is a community website covering the Arma series. We write news about the game, the community and the additional content released by the community on a daily basis. We offer mirrors for released files and a forums to ask questions, leave feedback and find info about the games and all their content, custom and default.
We offer daily news and mirrors for content released by the community and by the developer. We also offer free hosting for people who wish to have a website for their projects and of course people can also choose for a paid hosting package for a low price to be able to use some more resources.

This is a comprehensive archive of user made material, how do we find what we are looking for ?
Well, I personally like the search function we have. It might look simple at first glance but when people spend a little time checking the additional options as well as the advanced search features they will see finding something in the huge database really is possible. All you need is a good keyword, select a few categories and check the results.
But as always, if people cant find what they are looking for there also are our forums which people can use to get help. I am proud of all the members Armaholic has to help people with their issues posted on the forums. A lot of people help on our forums as well as others, the community is build on the help of people like that!

Additionally we have a FAQ section where people can find a lot of information about the game in general. We always try to add information there which can be helpfull to novice and veteran players to make sure they get the best gaming experience. People are always welcome to write articles when they have some good information to share, make a FAQ item or simply write in the forums. We keep an eye on everything and when information is good we always try to add it to places where they can be easily accesed for easy reading.

How do you manage it all ?
With a lot of hard work and leaving not much spare time. Its a full time job next to our normal jobs. Its not easy to keep up with everything, specially since our website team is really small. Luckily we have had people helping us in the past with posting news but at the moment there is only Big and me to post news. 
Big is my fellow admin who has started Armaholic with me and without whom I would be in a lot of trouble. His help and support has always been a great support and without him Armaholic would be a much less good resource! People should know Armaholic is run by more than just me, others are just more silent wink.png
The same goes for Sunraa, a good friend who takes care of our (dot)com server and Bambi who supports Armaholic with the (dot)fr server he provides and maintenance for us.
Without key people like this, Armaholic would not be where it is now.

What is the best part of Arma2 do you think ?
Well, its not really Arma 2 specific but it is this community, the developer and the games possibilities itself. Leave one out and the game would be totally different. Luckily all ingredients are there and that is what makes the Arma games an exceptional series of games which in my honest opinion you do not find elsewhere, at least not to my experience. Although I have to admit the good old Ghost Recon (the original one) community, the game and developer was a very good one as well. But that time has passed for me.

What would you tell people that never tried the game, but are curious ?
Buy it, play it for yourself for some hours to get to know the controls a bit and the game in general. Then, start visiting websites about Arma, get involved, play MP and you probably wont leave once you get the grip of things. At first the learning curve is steep, but if you give it time and are willing to adapt (assuming people come from other games with different game styles) you will see there is no other gaming experience as tense as what the Arma series offer.

Visit Armaholic.com

We found a example video on youtube where there are multiple addons in use, just to show what can be done. Keep in mind this is player made material and modifications. It may be Work in Progress, not representing the game or the finished modifications.
Push HD and play - enjoy. Article continues below the videos.

Aliens not your cup of tea ? Then maybe Tanks and World War II !
This is Invasion 1944 - Mod is patched and reworked after this video was made

Arma2: Benny’s Warfare and projects
Bennys Warfare has for a long time been one of the most popular missions in Arma2 Multiplayer and was nominated for "Community Awards 2010". It brings a good way to play multiplayer and lets players join in progress to build teamwork, and use the many toys and weapons in the Arma2 arsenal. Included in his work is also a whole range of scripts and structures to make missions and databases. We thought; who better than Benny to explain it for us.

What is Warfare ?
Warfare is a gamemode which focus on the PvPvAI (Player versus Player versus AI), each team has a commander which have to build a base and perform upgrades in order to gain superiority over the opposite team.

The others players have to conquer different towns in order to gain supply, the supply is used to build a base and perform upgrades, a town generate a variable income each x minute, the funds are used to purchase different assets (Infantry, Vehicles, Support...). Each team has a MHQ which is used to build the base and if MHQ is lost, the commander won't be able to build a base until that the MHQ get fixed with a repair truck (If enabled). The towns are defended by resistance, once that all resistance is neutralized (Again, if enabled, it's possible to set the towns resistanceless), a town will belong to the team who took it, depending on the Supply Value of the town, a defense team will spawn in that town to prevent enemy from taking it. The game will end as soon as all towns are captured by a side or once that all of a side's base is destroyed.

Why is it so good in multiplayer ?
I think that the success of Warfare in Multiplayer lays in the parameters choices, It's possible to set an ultra arcade game, a strategic game or a blend of those two. There's no limits in the gameplay and each mission session feels different from the previous one.

How did you come up with the idea for Warfare BE ?
It all began on ArmA I, Revellion and I were thinking of doing some modification to the Warfare 1.1 in order to bring some changes in the original mission. By then  ArmA II came out, but the warfare mode felt kind of different. I felt like i had to do something about it and that's how i started Warfare BE over ArmA II.

We have seen a lot of edited Warfare BE, examples are Gossamers and Warfare ZGM to name a few. This means that your original BE version is a good stepping stone and ground for making other missions ?
I've tried to keep my Warfare version as clear and modulable as possible, so everyone can do some modifications easily without having to edit an hundred of files to change a single variable, my latest versions use a new core system which allow a quick faction swapping for instance. I've always commented most of my code and grouped the main variables and I will always do.

Are you working on any other projects or material you want to see in Arma2, or other games ?
I've been working on a Clipboard to MySQL tool in order to track players statistics in warfare (which is available at dev-heaven), I just wished that there was a real I/O command available from the start. I'm also working aside on a BattlEye RCON tool for window (which is near completion) and some ArmA 2 Editing tutorials.

What is the best part of Arma2 do you think ?
I think that the best part of ArmA 2 lay in it’s modding possibilities, it’s nearly impossible to run out of ideas as long as you have the will and time to do it.

What would you tell people that never tried the game, but are curious ?
I’d tell them to check the official forum, there’s plenty of media and works there! there’s also alot of good sites that shows the work done by the community like Armaholic and armedassault.info

Benny at dev-heaven projects

Arma2: Gossamers Warfare
Arma2 opens up the possibilities for players of the game when it comes to making missions and editing the existing missions, a good example is the ever popular Warfare missions. Gossamers Warfare is a adaptation of Bennys Warfare, but puts a new grip on the Warfare experience. The Game Wardens servers(USA) and TV2(Europe) are the official servers for this mission and with us today is Gossamer to explain a little about the idea behind his version of Warfare.
First of all we would like to thank you for making the mission and this new take on Warfare. Tell us  about how you got the idea for this adaptation and what you wanted to see in Warfare ?
Thank you for having me here and playing my mission. When I first bought ArmA 2, I was playing Warfare BE 2.015 (I believe that was the version) and I saw a few things here and there that I wanted to change. Eventually by about Warfare BE 2.030, I decided I had enough changes to start my own version. That version was originally known as AWP Warfare (name of the community I was apart of at the time). When I split from AWP, I continued my work under my own name. The main point I started my own warfare version (as opposed to just playing Benny’s) was that I prefer a greater emphasis on PvP and actual players controlling the outcome of matches. I found that players relied too much on AI Commanders and AI Squad Leaders to perform all the dirty work. That’s not all the reasons though, I also had a lot of other ideas that I thought would be great to implement (More in-depth upgrade system, greater emphasis on Asymmetrical balance, Mando Missile Mod, etc)

The thread in battle.no and in BISforums has seen a lot of interest, are you able to integrate every suggestion. What can we look forward to in the next version ?
When I receive a suggestion, I try to look at it in two perspectives: developer and player. First off, I will think about what the suggestion would do to the gameplay and balance of warfare. If it seems like it’s something that is sound, I will move on to the developer part. When I’m thinking of a suggestion as developer, I try to see what impact this suggestion will have on the flow of the mission and how it will affect performance. For the most part, I am able to implement pretty much every suggestion.

I just released version 3.03.b4a, so I guess I’ll list some of the things that will be coming in the future. There will be some GUI related redesigns coming, such as the Warfare HUD/FPS Hud and the Gear Menu. I’ve received tons of posts and messages asking for an improved gear menu, so I’ll definitely be working on that in the very near future. As for the Warfare HUD, it currently looks very simple because it has the same design as it did when I was first testing it out to even see if people would like it. Since I’ve gotten positive feedback on it, I kept it, but I kind of forgot to do a re-design of it to make it more appealing.

I have other stuff planned as well such as In-Game Statistics (Money spent, units killed, etc), 3d Text Implementation (When you look at teammates, their name and rank will be hovering over their head. Buildings will have the name of the building and and icon of it hovering over it, etc) and Anti-Teamstack features (Can’t have 2 more players on one team over the other). There’s lots of stuff that always gets added to the bugtracker/feature requester (http://dev-heaven.net/projects/gosswf/roadmap), so just be sure to regularily check it.

When making missions, what is the most difficult part ?
The most difficulty part is probably actually making the mission work properly. Warfare has become much more complex than it used to be (back when I first started working on it). It seems like every time I fix something, I break something else. Besides getting the mission to work properly, I’d say the most difficult is actually getting people to want to play it.

How did you get into Arma2 and what was the best part of the the game do you think?
I was actually playing CTI (Capture The Island) on FDF Mod in OFP (Operation Flash Point) with a few friends. One of them was dealing with BSODs (Blue Screens OF DEATH) on his machine and he was angry about the fact that he couldn't join the game while it was already in progress. He suggested we give ArmA 2 a try. We all went out and bought it. I instantly fell in love. ArmA 2 brought back all the joy that I first experienced when my brother gave me OFP(Operation Flash Point)  for Christmas back in 2003. The best thing about ArmA 2 is the ability for everything to be modified, from the scripting system to addon development.

We know you are/was involved in other projects as well? 
I've been modding/scripting/etc for about roughly 6 years now. I started out on Hearts of Iron II. They have a large amount of customization and their community is top notch (just like the BIS community). I also dabbled in Company of Heroes modifications with a close friend of mine as well. I've done lots of small things here and there on different games. I guess what I'm known for besides Gossamer's Warfare is Gossamer's BC2 Launcher (http://www.moddb.com/mods/gossamers-launcher). It has over 70,000 downloads (in places that I uploaded it). The thing is on so many different websites, it's hard to tell what the real download count is.

The Game Wardens 

Arma2: Icebreakr and his projects
Winner of "Community Awards 2010", IceBreakr is known for his work on Islands in Arma2. Isla Duala is probably the most famous of them all, but the new Lingor is growing to be a community favorite. The Editor in Arma2 has a lot of features and making Islands (or maps as its called in other games) is one of the more complicated parts of the editor. Not to say the most time consuming. IceBreakr was kind to take a few minutes to tell us about his projects for Arma2

The islands are very impressive work. Could you tell us how it all started and what you wanted to contribute to the game ?
I’ve came in contact with Sgt. Ace who was kind enough to give me basic info and couple of hints. He also wrote a fabulous tutorial for map makers. He has a rich history with BIS and his work is very respected among the modders and also among other community members. I’ve been tired of replaying Sahrani and bunch of desert maps as I live in a beautiful part of lush green Slovenia. Couple months later first map, recreated on a smaller scale of NW Slovenia, was born - Island Panthera. And that is what I’ve wanted to give the community - a place that is fresh and mission ideas can flow for months and years to come. All other projects were the same: to give something fresh - Africa, Mad Max post-apocalyptic world and lush Jungle island.

What is the most difficult part when working on Islands ?
Getting lost in the details, adding stuff that at the end only few notice. And before you know it a day, week goes by... its not always good to be a perfectionist wink.png

This has to take a lot of time, as an example - How long did you work on Lingor ?
Don’t know the exact number of hours (too many anyway) but project took me 5-6 months to get it “done”. And a new update is planned for this month... mainly bug fixes and couple of new features.

When looking at all the Islands you made, how do they differ and what can you tell us about strategic and missions you thought you would see ?
Each project has a story of its own. Panthera is a world based on real data (although 1:7 or 1:8 in scale due to engine/creator limitations) and has places you can visit in RL. Duala is a fictional project, because community wanted a map with two countries divided by a border. That opens up many possibilities for mission makers. To be truthful, I though there would be much more missions made, but it seems authors like to keep that stuff to themselves or share missions only with a close circle of people they play with. I’m not different - I have over than 300+ missions made since OFP/A1 but I’ve used bunch of addons so I can’t really put them together anymore due to outdated 3rd party stuff. Conversion is an option but I would need more than a month or two to complete such task.

At Lingor we discovered “The Ancient Riddle” ?
Well, I’ve talked with Mondkalb, a contributor of many buildings and objects for Lingor (he is fast and his work is absolutely stunning, especially his new Euro-buildings project). He gave me an idea to make some kind of riddle to the island and I think he put one to his “nam” map, too. I’ve put more than 2 weeks research into it and received a lot of happy/frustrated comments about it once people found the first “hint”. I’ve been limited with what I could do about it when players finds the last locations, but I hope they like it and if they spend couple of hours exploring the Lingor, I think I’ve succeded.

Do you work on other projects, besides islands?
I’m quite happy with what I do in my life.... a day just doesn’t have enough hours. I work on several projects, but islands took most of my time in the past couple of years. Otherwise I’ve been in the gaming industry for more than 15 years and I’m familiar with many engines that games use. Bohemia Interactive’s Arma 2 is a game which heart lies in the community that keeps the game going for many years. I can’t remember a game (except MMOPRGs that you pay on a regular basis for regular updates) that would be so strong after so many months and years after its initial release. And I’ve played a lot of games since middle of 80s on.

What is the best part of Arma2 do you think ?
Constant support of BIS with patches and of course the Community. It is an unique crowd like no other else. Sure, there are bunch of mods for various games, but Arma 2 fits to a much wider audience, more serious folks perhaps. For example many modders and players are well over 30s, 40s and they love realism and the “sandbox” itself - you can basically create any scenario you like and play it with your friends cooperatively vs AI or against a team of experienced human players. And mission is never the same, even if you script it. 

What would you tell people that never tried the game, but are curious ?
Be prepared to get addicted !! magic lies in the story that you or anyone else can create. There are so many things to get lost in, but you need to be a bit of a stubborn person as there is a steep learning curve. There’s bunch of stuff you’ll spend hours figuring out just how it works. Of course there’s always someone in the community that will help you, but still... most of the stuff will be there for you to discover by yourself. Try out various mods (some are really top notch work and I think even original authors sometimes drop their jaws when they try them out. Join multiplayer games and try to gain access to various teams that play Arma 2 for years now. Most servers you see online are locked and password is usually one chat away. Inside you’ll find adventure that you won’t forget for years. And that is what Arma 2 is all about - limitless adventure. I don’t want to sound as a huge fanboy, as there are numerous flaws still present (check dev-heaven.net for open issues and bugs listed that are still on the waiting list). Its a game that you’ll learn to hate and love wink.png

Check out Icebreakr’s Islands and website


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